What The Dems Know: Cloward-Piven Vote Fraud

“I think the strategy was to bring in a huge number of people, overwhelm the system, and in the chaos that ensued they can steal the election…” Dr. Linda Hayes

Some months back I wrote a series of articles about the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats’ flagrant defiance of the popular will. At the time, I mused that either they have become politically suicidal, or they know something that we don’t. 
Now, this crop of Congressional Democrats is the most corrupt, seditious, self-serving bunch of scumbags to ever stain the halls of Congress, and that’s saying something! To imagine that they would suddenly flip and fall on their swords – sacrificing their political futures to heroically pass unpopular legislation – strains credibility to say the least.
Similarly, this President and his filthy administration – the most corrupt, seditious, self-serving bunch of scumbags to ever disgrace the office – and that’s saying something, are in it for the long haul, even if it’s only for the fringe benefits. To imagine Obama being happy with a single term in office as he hilariously claims, is like imagining Bill Clinton being happy with just Hillary.
So obviously they have plans for November. For this reason I have argued, and continue to argue, that we cannot be complacent. No matter what the polls say, we cannot afford to underestimate what these corrupt slugs are willing to do to steal our country.
Nowhere to date has this been more ably described than in a new documentary by Gigi Gaston titled We Will Not Be Silenced. A lifelong Democrat, Gaston traveled to Texas in the summer of 2008 to investigate widespread claims of vote fraud conducted by the Obama campaign during the Democrat caucuses there.
In an interview with Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media, Gaston claims she initially went to debunk the rumors, but found herself overwhelmed with an endless parade of shocking testimonies from very credible witnesses. In her own words:
I had no plans on ever becoming political, or becoming an activist, ever.  I was called by a Congressional investigator—or an ex-Congressional investigator—who had worked during President Clinton’s times, and said that there were some discrepancies going on with the caucus systems in Texas, and that they were basically being falsified, and all these horrible things—people being locked out, and intimidated, and running the elderly back and forth, and sending them to the wrong rooms, people being bussed in—all of that stuff.  And I thought, Well, this is ridiculous—and then I’d go down and check it out.
Her investigation eventually encompassed all the caucus states, including firsthand witness testimony of widespread vote fraud, systematic vote suppression, and voter intimidation that makes the Philadelphia Black Panthers case look like kids play.
Please read the rest at Examiner.com

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