Suspend The Bullies!

Union and Democrats leaders are bullies. Always have been always will be. When in power they are not afraid to ram legislation down the throats of those who do not want said legislation, just think Obamacare. However, when the tables are turned and they do not have the political strength to stop what they do not like, they resort to tactics that are reminiscent of a three year old child, throwing public tantrums until they get their way.

Of all places, I never expected Wisconsin to be the start of the end for Democrats, but as one who has been looking, hoping and wishing for the end to begin, Wisconsin is as good a place as any. Why do I think this is the beginning of the end of Democrats? Because once and for all, I think honest, hard working people will compare the tactics of the Unions and the Democratic party with the protests held by the Tea Party groups over the past two years and they’ll finally begin to see the mask come off the left.

Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature understand that expenditures cannot continue at current levels. They understand that economic realities force hard choices and so far, I’m proud to say, they’ve stepped up to the challenge and attempted to make a difference. Unhappy Democrats (mainly because they cannot control the political process in Wisconsin right now), took their ball and ran away. My first opinion of these so-called “statesmen” was that they were cowards running away from their duty. Since then, after watching the way they have ginned up the protesters and even the President sided once again with Union Thugs, it has become clear to me that we are dealing not with cowards, but bullies.

Bullies push people around, bullies are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, and bullies puff themselves up to scare their opponents into backing down. But I have a message for Republicans in Wisconsin: Bullies are easy to beat: Hit them square in the nose and they run home crying to their mommies.

I speak from personal experience. I was the victim of a bully when I was a child. I took many beatings from my bully. I quietly accepted his harsh and stinging comments. I was kicked, pushed, hit and yes even my lunch money was stolen. Until the day I made the decision not to take it anymore. On that day, I found the strength within myself to fight back. During a particularly bad beating from my bully, I got angry and I decided that enough was enough. I threw a huge right and connected squarely with his face. He was so stunned that he just stood there and looked at me for a few seconds and during those few seconds both of us experienced earthquakes in our worldviews. With the rage inside me unlocked, I began pounding him with everything I had and he began backing up. Suddenly, he wasn’t so tough after all.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt large hands pulling me off my bully who was lying on the ground covering his face and crying. I looked up to see my bully’s father, who then grabbed by bully up by the scruff of his neck and dragged my bully back to his house for what I think was the worst spanking of his life. Not only did my bully lose the fight, he lost his dignity, he lost his prestige in the neighborhood and best of all he lost his power over everyone he had controlled up to that point.

In Wisconsin, it is now time for the Governor to make a bold move. He is receiving death threats and is watching the problem escalate as the President and even Jesse Jackson weigh in. It’s time to become a real statesman. It’s time to act like Ronald Reagan would act.

Fire the protesting teachers.

Fire any teacher who is protesting at the Capitol immediately. Fire any teacher who calls in sick without an excuse from a doctor and expel them from the schools where they work. Or, at least suspend them.

The Governor has cause. The teachers are not showing up for work and they are not doing their job. I would also surmise that the vast majority of people protesting at the Capitol are not teachers anyway, but rather union thugs brought in to “stage” this protest anyway. Teachers who do not understand economic reality and so are throwing this temper tantrum shouldn’t be teaching anyway. You simply cannot split nothing and get something. If they don’t know that fact of life then are they really smart enough to be teaching our kids?

Gov, Chris Christie took on the teachers and the teacher’s unions in New Jersey and is winning the fight. It’s now time for Gov. Scott Walker to take up the fight and find his inner “Reagan”. Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and he survived and even thrived. The public is looking for solutions and for men and women who are willing to stand up and do the right thing.

Fire the teachers. Fire them now.

The Governor has the power to re-hire them later, but he needs to get their attention. Just like a teacher who punishes a child for acting up in class, it’s time for the Governor to suspend these rowdy bullies and send them home for a few days without pay to “think about their actions.”

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