Exposing Leftists

In the course of my daily review of favorite news sources, I ran across a video that caught my attention. It was a video of a guy asking students if they would sign a “petition” that was aimed at banning conservatives from talk radio and tv. The petitioner explicitly mentioned Beck and Limbaugh in his presentation to each person and the camera recorded their reactions. During the course of each encounter, the person signing the petition was asked if they supported free speech. You can watch the results below for yourself.

Editor’s Note: The video contains some foul language and may be offensive to some viewers.

YouTube Preview Image

After watching this video, I decided to investigate the source of the video and that led me to a website called ExposingLeftists.com which had very interesting and potentially blood pressure raising videos. Like the one below which shows a petitioner asking students whether they would sign a pledge to pay their share of the $14 Trillion debt our nation has incurred. Like the previous video the answers these supposedly educated students gave are surprising at best and hypocritical at worst.

Editor’s Note: The video contains some foul language and may be offensive to some viewers.

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The website ExposingLeftists.com was created by three college students (Oliver Darcy, Michael Fincher, and Maurice Lewis) who started recording videos like this to show the hypocrisies of liberals on college campuses. After some of their videos were posted on conservative sites like  TheBlaze.com, DailyCaller.com, Breitbart.tv, TheDailyBeast.com, and the Economist online and became highly popular, the three students decided to created ExposingLeftists.com as a forum to continue showing the inconsistencies and failures of liberal students and faculty.

Finally, my favorite video of all is the following one where the petitioner asks students if they would be willing to allow their “excess” GPA points to be taken from them and given to students who have lower GPA’s. Care to guess how the students answered this question?

YouTube Preview Image

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Exposing Leftists — 8 Comments

  1. I noticed that the majority of the "students" were of recent foreign descent (Mexican, Asian, Indian) and "african-american." These are the same people who mindlessly voted for Obama and who would just as soon dispose of the Constitution. This is what our once great nation has become; a conglomerate of people who have no respect for nor stake in the heritage of this country.

  2. "I want all the benefits, but I don't want the responsibility." Like the story of the little chicken who asked, "Who wants to help me plow my field, plant my corn, hoe the field, harvest and process the corn, and bake the cornbread?" to which all responded, "Not I." When the chicken asked "Who wants to help me eat the cornbread?" all replied, "I do!" We can thank our public education system (read state indoctrination system) for producing these gems. However, we are to blame, as this system merely reflects all of our hearts. It's not just about taxes folks. Its about the fact that we have left our founding principles and the God of those primciples, the Lord Jesus.

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